About Us

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25 Years Experience

For 16 years we were known as Sunpoint Spa. We made our mark on the Upper East Side as the go-to place for high quality spa treatments from rejuvenating facials, massage and body therapies, waxing, mani-pedi along with UV-tanning. During this time, we were one of the first in New York City to provide sunless tanning to our clients.

Changing Times 2014

In 2014, we completely phased out our UV-Tanning services and changed our business model to reflect our exclusively sunless tanning concept.  We relocated to our current location on East 65th Street, and decided it was time to introduce a new name to go with our new glowing concept.

Reputable and Local

Bronze Boutique is now recognized as the premier spot for clients, including celebrities. As always, Heike’s boundless energy and passion for excellent personal service is an asset that extends to her house calls and on location.

About Owner

Heike Muschik owner of Bronze Boutique and Spa in New York City

Heike Muschik was born and raised in Munich, Germany, and came to the United States on a whim when she was 18 years old.    She was an adventurous traveler and loved the creative atmosphere of big cities. In New York, she found her calling and became a well-known hat maker and accessory designer with the hip downtown crowd in the East Village.

Six years later, she visited Germany and witnessed the tanning industry booming across Europe. She returned to America and started Sunpoint Spa in 1999 offering high tech tanning beds and equipment no one had ever seen. In addition, she expanded her operation offering full spa services for over a decade.

As years went by, Heike became more concerned and aware of the concerns over UV-tanning beds and decided to seek out and introduce spray tanning booths, which immediately became very popular.

For 25 years, Heike continues exploring and expanding the tanning experience for her clients. She is known for her tanning magic with her clear sprays and custom airbrush contouring. She is keen to continue offering services that promote beauty and wellness, including massages, waxing, body treatments, and eyelash extensions.

To quote Heidi Klum, UV is “OUT!” and spray tanning is the clear winner for anyone who wants a safe way to glow.

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(when you bring a friend)

Each Tuesday, we are offering two (2) VersaSpa spray tanning sessions for the price of one.


*Tuesdays ONLY. Discount applies when two friends checkout same time.

New Client Special

Book one, two, or more services on our menu and receive 20% off on your first visit. Great opportunity to combine treatments.


*Discount will be applied at checkout at the time of service on the first visit.